Need some help?

Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions about our travel apps. If you cannot find the answer to your question, feel free to contact our support team.

How do I switch the language to English?

The app language itself adapts to the regional settings of your device. Please try to change it to English and then back to the original language. Now the app should be in English.

Are there any roaming charges?

As soon as your app is loaded to your iPhone or iPad and you did download your guide, it does not need any internet access.
Please make sure that your data roaming is turned off, since the locate-me feature of the iPhone will try to connect to the internet to locate you! We have no influence on that. Use the “Data Roaming” switch of your iPhone (look in: Settings >> Cellular Data >> Cellular Data Options).

What kind of content is available within this app?

Our apps offer a wide range of content on top of the maps. Most of this content works completely offline! So you can use it any time on the go.
Here is a quick overview:
Points of Interest
Points of Interest (short: POI) are places like tourist sights, attractions, restaurants, hotels, bars, pubs, museums, shops, bus stops, etc. Many of them with additional information like address, phone number, web site, opening hours, etc.

Personalized Suggestions and Travel Tips
Individualize your app by adding your interests and places you are into. You will get insider information, tips and tricks about places that fit to your personality.
Find streets by name
Many streets also have addresses (house numbers).
Travel guide articles
Travel guide articles are long articles with text and images about sites and tourist attractions. This content is included at no extra charge, but an optional download to save memory if you don’t need it. Read how to download or deactivate this content.
Browse a list of hotels, including average user ratings, star category and price level; or search and filter available hotels (requires Internet), view photos, and even book hotels.
Public transport
In some cities the map also contains bus, tram and metro stops. You can also use the search feature to find stops by name. On a deeper zoom level, you can also see the route of the lines.

How do I drop a custom save on the map?

Hold down your finger on the map for 2 seconds. A save will appear, which you can rename, and recolor.

"Locate Me" does not work

Keep in mind that especially the first time you try to locate in a new city, GPS may take several minutes to locate you.
Also, make sure that you are using a device with built in GPS. Only iPad devices with cellular have GPS! iPod touch don’t have GPS.
If you have a device with GPS, and because GPS uses satellites, you need to have free view to the sky. It will not work indoors.
If you have a device without GPS, your iOS device normally automatically uses “assisted GPS” (“assisted GPS” explained on Wikipedia) to find your location. Because assisted GPS requires an Internet connection, it will not work if you have no network or WiFi connection, or are abroad and have deactivated data roaming. Note that “Airplane Mode” will deactivate GPS alongside WiFi and cellular in your device. So make sure you are not in “Airplane Mode” (on your device go to: Settings >> Airplane Mode). If you want to prevent data roaming, use the “Data Roaming” switch of your device (on your device go to: Settings >> General >> Network).